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Chocolaterie, manufacture and sale of Brazilian Brigadeiros

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What are Brigadeiros?

The brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian delicacy. It is a mixture of sweet condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and possibly flavorings. The mixture is slowly cooked until a smooth texture is achieved. After it has cooled, small bite-sized balls are rolled from the mixture and covered with various garnishes. The final product is a glossy, smooth texture, a perfect bite-size chocolate ball called the brigadeiro. It's not a fudge and it's not a chocolate truffle, it's a brigadeiro!

Beijinhos, a common variation of the brigadeiro, is a mixture of sweet condensed milk, coconut flakes and butter covered with grated coconut. Often a clove is added for decoration and extra flavor. (to be removed before eating)

In Brazil, every party, be it for a birthday, a wedding or a baby shower, will have brigadeiros to eat. By the time everyone gathers around the cake, many empty paper cups can already be seen. Hardly anyone can resist the temptation, to walk past the table with the brigadeiros, without tasting them. This Brazilian treat is just too delicious, too addictive and irresistible!

Serving these little chocolate treats at your next party will make you the most popular kid! Just make sure you eat some before serving them to other people, because before you know it, there will be nothing left, I can guarantee!

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We are always looking for something new and unique. If you want to treat your guests at your party or event with our Brazilian delicacy, we can deliver them for you.

Maybe a box for a business event, or gift boxes for Christmas, for example, we can provide it.

Call us or leave a message below and we will be happy to work with you.



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